No contract pest control Austin
Before you sign, do you really need a pest control contract?
Pest control has a long history, longer than you may realize. Ancient Sumerians are considered the first to use “chemical” pest control means, employing sulfur mixtures as insecticides.

Shortly after, the first Sumerian Pest Control salesperson knocked on a door and mentioned they’d have some technicians in the neighborhood and if you just sign up here for a yearly pest service …

Ok, maybe not quite as ancient as pest control itself, but the pest control contract sales pitch has quite a long history as well.

And like with most things that are “just that way” one may ask — are they necessary? Do Austin homes need regular pest control every four months, three months or even more often—as some companies claim?

The answer is usually a resounding no!

Contracts are justified by many pest control companies as a way to stay “on top of” bug activity. But are bugs really a year-round concern? They’re usually not. And certainly not if you have your home treated right the first time.

Nearly all bugs have increased activity times during the year. In Austin, this is typically late spring, throughout the summer and into early fall. Late fall and winter usually have far fewer bugs. This is because many insects go into a reduced activity and dormancy period. So you really won’t see them in or on your home, with or without pest control, during those times.

So then why contracts? The consistent income certainly benefits the company, if not the consumer. There are workers that need to be paid and trucks that need to be kept on the road regardless of the weather or actual presence of pests.

At Aztec, we don’t push contracts. In nearly every case there is no need. There are some exceptions, such as restaurants, hotels or AirBNBs that can benefit from a regular treatment.

But as we tell potential customers who call us — “We don’t require contracts.”

So why NOT pest control contracts? Our focus and goal is simple: to do a deliberate and extremely thorough job when you need it, not when WE want you to do it. We do a detailed job that first time, so only that treatment is needed. On average our customers call us once per year, or even less frequently, during the busy season for bugs. Plus, nearly all of our treatments come with at least one free return within a warranty period.

Simple. Treat the bugs that are there. Not the ones that “might” be.

We believe that customers have the right to simply call us when they need us for a simple one-time pest control service. When you see a pest you want handled, just let us know. We’ll talk with you over the phone or by email. We’ll help identify the issue if you’re not sure what it is. We won’t oversell you, use scare tactics or do anything to push you into a service you don’t want. In fact, on more than one occasion we’ve solved people’s pest issues just over the phone or by email, without a single paid visit necessary!

Give us a call at 512-443-0123 if you want that bug gone, or fill out our online pest control quote form. We’re happy to help.

But just don’t expect to see us show up in your neighborhood and knock on your door with a contract to sign!