bug spray bomb
Don’t bomb the bugs!
A pest control company saying NOT to spray bugs?


Here’s why: most consumer products for bugs are designed for an “instant kill.” It looks like the problem is solved with pests instantly killed so it’s very satisfying for a customer. Blast some on a gross moving bug and the bug is no longer moving (although probably still gross). But looks can be deceiving.

In a few cases this isn’t a problem. For example you see one large roach come in. Spray it and it’s dead and no big deal.

However, many pests in your home are one of many or part of a nearby colony (like ants), so that spray that kills instantly is not doing you any favors. In fact, it could be making the situation much worse.

With social insects like ants, they live in nests and colonies. German roaches can have dozens in hiding spaces around a kitchen.

Spraying a few of those pests you see on a counter or even outside of your house will kill those few, but won’t handle all of them properly. That product is like a warning. It probably smells bad to you and you don’t want to breathe it or get it on your skin. Neither do the bugs! The harsh chemicals in that bug spray will alert the other bugs to avoid the area. As well, in the ant example, they have a path they are following and that spray disrupts it. But they don’t leave your house, they just make another path.

A better and more professional solution exists. We use “undetectable” sprays that ants and other pests, like roaches or millipedes for example, don’t detect. So they crawl across it and pick it up on their sticky feet. It kills them, but not as fast. So they can even pass it along as they touch others in their nest or colony before the pesticide takes effect.

The result is a much larger area of control. Instead of that one spot of bug spray, it’s the entire nest or colony or other pests that are hanging out in the area.

Please Don’t Spray

The other reason not to spray is that it makes a professional treatment more difficult. The pests are scattered and any ant trails or evidence of them is as well. Baits become less effective because the insects are scattered or even regrouping and in hiding for a time.

So as difficult as it seems to refrain from bombing the little nuisances, do your best to wait. A “clean” area of insect activity is much easier to investigate, identify what is happening and take exact steps to really eliminate the problem.

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