Have you moved to Austin recently or know someone who has? The odds are likely that one of those two is the case!

With the number of people moving to Austin, it can help to know when “bug season” is here.

Unlike northern areas, Austin can have warmer temperatures nearly all year. However, that doesn’t make this a tropical environment where creepy crawlies are seen each month. Some years are certainly warmer than others. This year in fact proved that bug activity can continue well into October and even November!

Normally our “busy season” wraps up in September but that was the hottest month of the year this year! That led to plenty of roach complaints well into October.

But even with that warmer month, there isn’t a need to spray for bugs all year long. Some companies push quarterly, bi-monthly or even monthly contracts. There’s no need!

We have no contracts, nothing locked in – ever!

Instead our customers call us when they see pests, and for roaches and most bugs this usually is just once per year! We have customers who call us even less frequently.

So “bug season” is typically around April to September most years. There may be some activity in March or as late as October, but worrying about, and certainly treating for, insects all year is unnecessary. And a waste of money!

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