If you suspect that your yard may be infested with fleas, beneficial nematodes are a good choice for control. They are microscopic worms that are broadcast into the soil. They feed on flea larvae and can also help with fire ants, white flies, grubs among other undesirable lawn pests. If you pull white socks over your ankles and walk around the yard for a few minutes you should be able to see fleas that jump onto your ankles. This is a good way to tell if there is more than a minor problem. Be sure to do this without your pet as the fleas prefer them over you. Fleas won’t be found in areas of full sun, so shady spots and areas where pets hang out are hot spots. If the soil temperature is over 80 degrees the yard should be watered heavily before the nematodes are applied with a hose-end sprayer. The ground shouldn’t be allowed to dry out for 2-3 days after to ensure that they are embedded in the soil. Once established they consume flea eggs and larvae so that the life cycle is broken. The nematode numbers will gradually decrease over time but should offer many months of flea control if applied properly.