Dead American Roach AustinWe’ve seen an increase in cockroach complaints, to levels usually reserved for early summer. This is possibly due to a surprising heat wave here in Austin this September.

Whatever the reason there are more large roaches, typically the American roach, making their way into people’s houses.

Remember that roaches are scavengers and with the heat and lack of rain they will be on the move to look for food and water. Some preventive steps you can take include:

  • removing standing water or leaks from around the home, such as with leaky outdoor faucets.
  • raking and bagging leaves to remove those darker, damper areas that roaches love.
  • keeping the lawn cut short and grass around the house foundation trimmed.
  • sealing gaps in doors and windows.

With those measures in place, a pest control treatment for roaches will be much more successful and long-lasting.

Call us if you are seeing roaches invade your home and we’ll provide a fast, free quote and long-lasting people and pet-friendly treatment. Reach us at (512) 443-0123 or fill out our pest control quote form.