This is the time of year that a plague of field crickets descend upon us and appear around structures and sometimes inside. While they are a nuisance, they do not breed or infest indoors. The worst outbreaks are usually around businesses. The reason for this is that the crickets are attracted to light. Most commercial properties keep lights on all night which attracts them by the hundreds. Reducing outdoor lights is the first, and most important, step in dealing with crickets this time of year. If you must have an outdoor light on, try a yellow “bug light” bulb which is less attractive to them.

Insecticides can have an effect on crickets that come in contact with them and combined with light reduction positive results can be seen. When crickets are drawn to lighted buildings at night, they will continue to cause problems, regardless of the amounts of insecticides used. Usually they are most active for 1-2 weeks and taper off as the weather gets cooler, so the ultimate solution is time.