We use a professional grade fire ant bait (Advion Fire Ant Bait) that works very well and very quickly. The active ingredient is indoxacarb which is synthetic, but very low in toxicity, even to aquatic life. We broadcast the bait granules throughout the yard and worker ants bring it back to feed the colony.

As the ants’ metabolism activates the indoxacarb, it is changed from that very low toxicity substance into one that is very toxic to ants so they quickly die. The ants stop foraging within 24 hours, 90+% mound elimination within three days, close to 100% in a week. This is considerably faster than other types of fire ant bait. Fire ant bait needs to be applied to dry ground, otherwise the bait gets soggy and the ants won’t take it.

There is an organic fire ant bait (Come and Get It) that works well and is available at nurseries and online. The active ingredient is a bacteria derived from the soil called spinosad. In order to get the best results it is very important that the label instructions are followed very carefully.

These two baits are similar as far as toxicity goes. We want to use the lowest toxicity & effective products that we can.