Call us to get on our fire ant list…then we will schedule you when the time is right to treat them!  At some time in late spring, fire ants swarm (leaving the colony to create more colonies) and begin foraging for food.  It is around this time that treating is most efficient as the ants will take the bait that is applied and the treatment can stop the new mounds from being formed.  Fire ants can still wander onto your property, so it is best if your neighbors also treat.

The yard must be dry for the fire ant baiting treatment, which is what we believe to be the most effective.  After rain, you will see many mounds popping up.  The fire ants need moisture, so they can be deep underground in dry weather, but they come up when it rains.  Right now in Austin, the soil is very wet, but as soon as it dries out, we can start treating.  We just need a 4 – 6 hour window of dry, sunny conditions in which to apply the bait.  It is not a problem if it rains the next day.

facebook fire ants               Fire Ant Mound after Rain