fire ant mound austinFire ants are as “Austin” as great barbecue and live music but not nearly as beloved. Unfortunately, they are here to stay. But they can be controlled! So you don’t have to live with them in your yard.

After all the rain Austin has had recently, you may start seeing fire ant mounds pop up in your yard. These piles can show up after wet periods because the ants build them to help regulate the moisture in the soil and keep the colony dry.

Keep in mind when it’s been hot and dry for a while, you may still have fire ants even without the tell-tale mounds! That’s because the dry hot soil is more difficult for the ants to move. So you may not see mounds but the ants will be there.

How to Spot Fire Ants

Besides obvious mounds in the grass, other places fire ants can be found is near concrete, brick or rock such as along walkways, gardens with rock or brick walls and under loose rock landscaping. They can also be found near the base of trees.

So avoid stacking brick or rock near your home as fire ants can use these as nesting sites and as places that retain warmth for their colony.

Treating Fire Ants

The best time to treat for fire ants is during warm, dry weather when the ants will be out foraging for food. Baits are most effective because the worker ants take the bait back into the colony and the queen is killed.

We apply our fire ant bait throughout the yard for maximum control. The small granules are spread out widely and very little is needed. The bait’s toxicity itself is activated by an enzyme in the ant, making it highly effective towards fire ants and safe for people and pets, and even other insects won’t be harmed.

We’ve applied the bait and then watched as fire ants waste no time retrieving the bait and taking it right back to their colony. It’s very satisfying!

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