Garden fire ants AustinSometimes fire ants show up in the worst places, like your vegetable garden.

Is the only hope to plow under and quit? Definitely not!

Fire ant treatments can be successful even around gardens. For example, we use a highly effective bait that can be placed outside of the irrigation line or watering area of the garden. It is extremely attractive to fire ants so they will move around and pick it up and bring it back to the colony. We’ve applied it for thousands of customers around their fire ant mounds and in many cases watched with satisfaction as the ants immediately began picking up the bait.

If you have a particularly large garden with ants in it, or would just rather use purely natural products more directly on the soil, there is spinosad. Spinosad is an ingredient in dozens of natural products including “Come and Get It” fire ant bait and Monterey Garden Insect Spray.

Spinosad is a natural pesticide created by soil bacteria, so it can be applied directly to vegetable and fruit garden soil.

You can self apply it quite easily. It is available in various forms and brands at area stores like Breed and Company, or just order it online.

If you’re needing a full lawn treatment for fire ants, give us a call at 512-443-0123 or fill out our website form for a fast, free fire ant quote.