Even though temperatures are cooling, we’re still getting quite a few calls for fire ants.

Many people associate treating fire ants with summer activities and being outdoors, but fall is actually a great time to focus on fire ants.

In fact, now is the ideal time because it will keep them in lower numbers over the winter and into spring, making it easier to handle them down the road.

According to Texas A&M’s Imported Fire Ant Research and Management Project:

An ideal time to apply bait-formulated fire ant insecticides is from late August through October to allow the baits to reduce fire ant populations over the winter.

Here at Aztec we utilize an exceptional bait-formulated fire ant insecticide that works quickly with a very high reliability and superior control. It is safe for people and pets, and as long as the ground is dry at application and kept dry for 24 hours, foraging fire ants will take the bait back to the colony and it will help keep your lawn fire ant free. If fire ants should re-appear after four weeks but within the 3-month warranty window, we will come back out for a retreat.

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