Fleas Austin TreatmentWe get many calls regarding fleas and we always recommend that customers read our detailed flea information page.

The main thing to understand is the life cycle. There are several life stages, and one of these stages is a hard “cocoon” like stage called a pupa. The pupa stage is nearly impenetrable, even to insecticides. As a result, flea treatments typically take several weeks to see full results.

Inside Fleas

We recommend for hardwood floors to vacuum and mop thoroughly and repeatedly. Initially do this every day and then as you remove more and more fleas, eggs and pupae you can reduce that to every other day. This can be combined as needed with our indoor flea treatment which includes dusting carpeted areas and cracks and crevices with boric acid. Boric acid is a great way to “break up” the flea life cycle because it works on flea larvae which often live deep in carpet fibers. We dust carpets, rugs and sometimes furniture as needed with a boric acid granule and work it into the fibers.

Combined with regular vacuuming this removes the live flea, pupa, eggs and larvae for a comprehensive indoor flea treatment.

Outside Fleas

A great solution for outside fleas, particularly when it is not too hot or sunny, is using beneficial nematodes watered into the lawn. These are microscopic organisms that feed on flea larvae. When sprayed into a wet lawn, like the boric acid on carpets, they will disrupt the flea life cycle and kill flea larvae.

In hotter temperatures we can apply diatomaceous earth to lawns, under decks and porches, under pier-and-beam foundations and anywhere else where fleas may be. This is a fine powder that actually has microscopic edges that cut up live fleas and larvae, drying them out and killing them.


Flea treatment doesn’t need to require harsh chemicals or horrible “bug bombs” that leave toxic residues on your home surfaces, kitchen and living areas. Safe non-toxic solutions exist for nearly every pest issue.

Call on Aztec Organic Pest Service for help with your next insect problem and we’ll happily help you safely and quickly remove pests.

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