Fleas Austin TreatmentFleas can be a year-round issue but in the summer it can get even tougher!

People (and their pets) are more active with traveling, going outdoors, pets being kenneled or visiting other areas and fleas could be picked up and brought back. Plus some other animals become more active which can bring fleas into your yard or area without you knowing it.

The good news is that not all signs of fleas on your pet mean you need a full-on flea extermination. Fleas happen. Remember that phrase like a short, catchy bumper sticker and it can help save you some stress! If you spot a flea on your pet or see her scratching it doesn’t mean you have a infestation or need a full-blown flea extermination.

So a flea or two or three on the dog means the obvious — be sure your dog is being treated.

But if you have fleas jumping all over you, you may need to forget the short sayings and just get some help!

All About Fleas in Austin

It’s important to know about the flea and its life cycle to not only know what you’re dealing with, but what to expect from a treatment. We have a thorough flea fact article on our website. Read this! No, really, click that link, read it and come back.

As it states we can treat for fleas outdoors and indoors in carpeted areas. There are flea treatments for non-carpeted floors, tile, etc but they are more toxic so we recommend vacuuming and mopping very often indoors.

Outside during summertime, we don’t usually offer our very popular beneficial nematode flea treatment, because the heat and dry ground make it difficult for them to survive. However, we can treat around lawns and under decks and pier and beam houses with food-grade diatomaceous earth which is an excellent, safe and family and pet friendly treatment for fleas.

Fleas in the heat of summer are no fun but there are low toxicity, effective and long-lasting treatments available — without the need for expensive and lengthy pest service contracts.

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