Housefly closeupWe’ve gotten a lot of calls about flies and gnats and other winged annoyances zipping around people’s houses.

The first thing to do with these is to look for the source! They thrive on organic material so check to see if you have some nearby. If that stays there, even if you swat or spray or just swear at them, they’ll still come around. That source could be anything from a small decaying animal like a mouse or rat (even one outside near the home) to a compost pile. Flies can live and breed off any decaying organic material, including vegetables, so getting rid of that or moving it further away from the house will help.

Gnats similarly can be in mulch (like houseplants) or in drains where gunk and residue have built up. For drains, you can try cleaning the trap under sinks or if home plumbing is not your strength you can get some enzyme cleaning fluid that can help break it up. For plants there are gardening tips (several good ones here) or plant safe products you can spray directly on them to help.

There’s not really a pest treatment for flies and gnats so going through the home and nearby to search out and handle possible sources is really the best way to do it.

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