When moving plants indoors during the cooler months, you may see small gnats flying in the house. This is common with indoor plants whether they’re houseplants, poinsettias for the holidays or for those outdoors plants being temporarily stored indoors when it’s cold. Fungus gnats are small flies that are blackish with two wings & long legs. Fungus gnats may be seen flying indoors around potted plants. Larvae look like small maggots and live in the soil of potted plants.

Fungus gnats are usually a problem when plant soil stays moist from over watering. If you water the plant only when the soil is dry it will get rid of the larvae which will, in turn, reduce adult gnats seen flying around. There is no good way to get rid of the adults that are already present. Glue traps or squishing them may help. Once the larvae are gone and the adults cycle out, the problem should be handled.