Austin — and in particular some of the more rural or woody suburbs like Manchaca, Buda, and West Lake Hills — can have a significant spider population.

The vast majority of these spiders are harmless but a few, like the black widow or brown recluse, can inflict painful and dangerous bites.

Preventing Spiders

wolf spider austin tx
The wolf spider is one common spider seen around Austin.
One of the best methods to control spiders is prevention. Like most bugs, spiders like to hide out of sight. Moving and cleaning up neglected items like old boxes and bags in the home or clutter and debris around the house will help disturb a few of their hiding spots and discourage their presence. Wear gloves or hand protection to protect against potential bites.

Garages are a common location to find spiders after they enter through large openings by the door. When you find spider webs or areas of activity you can simply sweep out the webs and this alone will discourage spiders from making their home in that area.

Pest Control for Spiders

Part of a thorough spider handling includes a pest control application in and around the home.

Spiders survive on other insects such as roaches, june bugs, crickets, ants and other bugs, so after removing webs and handling areas where they may be hiding, a pest treatment will further keep them out of your home.

Aztec Organic Pest Service provides a thorough general pest control service that warranties against large roaches, small spiders, pill bugs and millipedes.

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