Mosquitoes are tough! They are horribly annoying to many yet cause little reaction to some. I will recommend a few things that I have found to be effective to control them.

  1.  Buy a couple of handheld bug zappers; they are cheap and really fun to use.  I stand out in my yard and zap them as they come near me.  You can reduce the population quite a bit this way.
  2. I have actually had success with an electronic bug zapper than just holds a light to attract the mosquito.  I noticed that mosquitoes like to land in the most lit areas, so it makes sense to me that they will go for these zappers.
  3. Bacillus thuringiensis, of course as mentioned in an earlier blog.  This definitely significantly reduces the population.  I put a bit of the granules in buckets of water.  The mosquito lays its legs, and they don’t make it!  Check out this website for info on it:
  4. Eliminate standing water and masses of leaves or grass which may hold moisture and under which they can breed.
  5. Last but not least use insect repellent.  Of course we go for the herbal ones and they are fine and they do repel as thoroughly as you apply them.

I hope this helps!  The idea of repeated mosquito treatments through the season is not appealing to me.  Make sure you know the exact ingredients (and all of the ingredients) that are used if you do have it sprayed.  You can look up the material data safety sheets (MSDS) online and see if you are willing to put up with that degree of toxicity.  We use an organic product (EcoVia EC) that contains essential oils has a residual effect for three to four weeks.