Hourglass - pest control scheduleIf you’re wondering when you need to get pest control done, the good news is it’s probably not as often as you think!

Some people call us asking for information about “monthly” pest control. Unless you have a major infestation that has been ignored for years, you don’t need pest control every month. And even then professionals should be able to handle it quickly, without the need to charge you endlessly for it.

Our services and philosophy are different. We are experienced (our technicians on average have worked here for over 17 years!), we are thorough and we do NOT require contracts or even recommend monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even semi-annual pest control visits.

Simply put, if you’re receiving a thorough pest control service, you don’t need that many visits. If you’re not getting thorough pest service, well…

We back up our service — our major pest control services like roach, spider, ant and scorpion come with at least one free return within three months.

So you’re getting long-lasting extermination, at a reasonable price, with low-toxicity products that don’t harm you, your family, pets or beneficial animals and insects.

That’s a win-win-win!

Call us at 512-443-0123 for a free over-the-phone pest control estimate or fill out our website form.