how fast does pest control workWe sometimes get a question like “How long before the pests are gone?”

After we are finished the pests are being handled and it starts as soon as we apply our products.

But what we also say is to keep in mind the difference between “consumer” level pest control products—like a common grocery store bought roach spray—and professional level products.

Most people when they see ants or a roach in their house want that pest gone immediately, and understandably so! Consumer brand pest products work with that objective in mind. They go for an “instant kill” for that instant gratification. This can be practical and exactly what occurs in some cases. Wasps and hornet nests, for example, can be quickly treated with store bought wasp spray.

But ants, on the other hand, will never be fully handled with a “contact kill” spray that just eliminates the ones you see. The colony will be unaffected. There are thousands nearby that aren’t coming into your home. Spraying the visible ants doesn’t get those, and could just send the surviving ants along a different trail into a different area of your home to find food or water.

We have a different objective. We don’t just want the ants or roaches you see to be eliminated, we want the entire unseen colony of them to be handled too.

So the products we use, in many cases, are actually designed to work more slowly. That way, the targeted pest comes in contact with the product and can actually share it with other pests it reaches. A “chain reaction” can then take place and a much broader control is accomplished.

Our goal at Aztec Pest is to do a thorough job the first time. We don’t require contracts and never push bi-monthly, quarterly or any type of “pest maintenance” program. After all, if the job is done correctly right away, there’s no need for us to return until much, much later. In most cases, our customers call us just once a year. Sometimes even less frequently!

The benefit is obvious. It’s a less expensive yearly pest service that causes less impact on the environment (who really wants chemicals sprayed in or around their house, yard and patio every 3 months, 2 months or even monthly?). But that thorough one-time service using safe, professional products still results in expert professional pest control, removing the pests you see—and the ones you don’t.

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