Honey Bees AustinWe often get calls about bees, particularly in the warm summer months. While some situations require intervention, we typically try to discourage a service call just for bees, and even some types of wasps, unless there is a significant safety concern (most bees and flying insects are not aggressive and won’t attack unless provoked).

One recent customer had a nest being built under an outdoor patio table which of course required intervention for everyone’s safety, including the bees. We provided advice and recommendations on who could remove and relocate them safely. Finding bees on your property? Read on.

Helping Honeybees

Much has been written about honey bees and in particular their environmental and ecological impact and benefits. For honey bee calls in particular, we like to first see if there is an alternative solution that would be acceptable to customers. Bees are pollinators and as with many flying insects are not likely to attack people out of the blue.

That said, there are of course people who are allergic to bee stings or there are situations where bees are inside walls or areas that are just too close for comfort.

In this case, we would recommend calling a specialist who can remove the bees and properly relocate them so that they can continue to thrive. One such organization is the American Honey Bee Protection Agency. Located here in Austin, the group is headed up by Walter Schumacher, aka the “Bee Czar.”

Their mission, as they put it, is to “save bees from people and people from bees.” So if you think you have honey bees in or near your property — but don’t want them — please consider giving them a call or visiting their website to learn more. And if you want honey bees on your property they are also looking for people to donate land to house the bees.

You can reach them below:

American Honey Bee Protection Agency