Getting an infestation of small gnats is annoying, but trying to solve it with pest control services can be disappointing if you don’t first handle the source of the issue.

The same way that trash and food can attract pests, you have to handle the reason the gnats keep coming before trying to just eliminate them.

In many cases this is some sort of organic material they live and breed in, such as the “gunk” that collects in drain pipes. The “S trap” under the kitchen sink is a common place for that gunk build-up. If you see gnats in kitchen then you can try cleaning out the drains. Try some enzymatic cleaner and if it’s not too bad, that may be enough. But if they persist you can try a deeper clean and remove and scrub the pipes. This will require turning off the water so consult a plumber as needed.

Gnats can also persist from small food bits that drop between cabinets, under the refrigerator, etc. Look especially for fruit or food with moisture content.

Finally, gnats love houseplants. Dry out the plants more if you can between waterings, empty the dishes underneath the pot and add an inch or so of small rocks/gravel to the top of the soil to help keep it dry and gnat free.

With those elements in place you can then try the DIY gnat traps or other home remedies which will be much more effective without that constant breeding ground.