This time of year you may find a small cluster (or many more) of what look like lady bugs inside your home or on the exterior of your home. Most likely these are Asian Lady Beetle which are a non-native insect. They do not infest homes but do enter structures looking for a place to stay for winter. They are usually more of a light orange color rather than the typical red lady  bug. The best thing to do for these bugs is to vacuum them up. If you have a bagless vacuum be sure to empty it out, outside to keep them from crawling back inside your home. If you have a bagged vacuum you can place some panty hose on the end of the hose attachment. Use a rubber band to secure it and suck up the bugs into the panty hose, then throw it away outside., or just throw the bag away if you vacuum them up. These bugs leave a yellow stain if they are smashed or swept so vacuuming avoids this.