Sugar ants kitchenLittle black ants are showing up in several Austin houses even though it’s a bit late in the season typically for them. The warmer weather in September may have something to do with it!

Typically these ants are not a major problem but they can definitely be a nuisance. Customers often tell us how if they leave the tiniest scrap of food on the counter or by the kitchen sink, these tiny black ants are all over it the next morning!

The good news is that a thorough pest control treatment often handles them, even if they are not bad enough to warrant a dedicated ant treatment. For example our general pest control service (mainly for roaches and spiders) can help take care of small ants in the kitchen, if that’s the only place you’re seeing them.

But if they have trails in several areas of your home or you see them all around the outside bottom of your foundation, you probably need a full small ant treatment.

In that case we’ll apply products inside to knock them back, or possibly add some bait in certain areas if needed, and also treat around the entire perimeter so that if they do come in they don’t last long. Some exterior ant bait in certain situations can help as well.

Bottom line, if you are inundated with ants, give us a call!

For an ant treatment price quote call 512-443-0123 or fill out our website form.