Backyard lawn fire ant treatment
How do you get longer lasting fire ant protection?
During the winter, fire ants are far less active. Even if you have a mound, it is likely the ants are further underground and not actively foraging. Risks for bites at this time are reduced, as even stepping on a mound — while never recommended — will not result in the typical swarming behavior. Ants will surface, but are typically slower and fewer in number.

But as spring arrives, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for this Texas pest and get them under control quickly when spotted.

But how do you get the most “bang for your buck” in controlling fire ants? In some areas of Austin, fire ants seem to need repetitive treatments. Yet others can go a year or longer just on one service.

Treating Multiple Yards for Fire Ants

One of the best ways to provide long-lasting fire ant control is to get a “block party” going.

This means checking in with neighbors on their fire ant issues, particularly in denser subdivisions with smaller adjoining lawns. Do your neighbors have them? Common fire ant locations are around gardens, stone landscaping, playscapes or — if the issue has been untreated for some time — up against the foundation. At that point they may even be coming inside the home.

If neighbors do have them or typically see them in the summer whether they are currently active or not, you can recommend a block party attack and teaming up.

Set up fire ant treatments around the same time. If you’re doing it yourself, recommend they treat their yard with you or call in a pest control company at around the same time.

The best time to treat for fire ants with bait, for example, is when the soil temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit and dry. This warmer weather increases the likelihood that fire ants will be out foraging for food.

If you have a visible mound, you can also test to see if that mound has foraging fire ants by placing food next to it and observing for around 45 minutes. Place actual fire ant bait, a hot dog slice or potato chips just next to a mound. If ants take it, it’s a good time to bait. Ignored food means it is still too cold and they are inactive.

With bait, it is best to treat the entire yard. Some mounds are hidden. Fire ants can be in the soil, so baiting a full yard gives much better results.

By coordinating efforts among nearby neighbors you can reduce overall costs since it will take much longer for fire ants to return to that area.

Recommend to them that they do it simultaneously either through a pest control service or coordinated DIY efforts. The result will be more enjoyable yards for everyone for a much longer time.

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