Mexican Honey Wasps AustinIf you are seeing a large “beehive” looking structure in your trees, it’s probably not honeybees. It’s quite possible you’re seeing Mexican Honey Wasps.

Mexican Honey Wasps can create nests in impressive sizes — larger than a basketball in diameter — up to 20 inches across! These nests in turn can house thousands and thousands of wasps.

But before you burn down your trees and move to Greenland, here are a couple of Mexican Honey Wasps facts:

  1. They are non-aggressive, unless you start it. Spraying the nest with water, trying to knock it down with a rake or hurling rocks at them will naturally make them unhappy. Our suggestion: don’t.
  2. They are beneficial. Mexican Honey Wasps are predatory on other insects and help pollinate fruit, including avocados. So if you like avocado on your delicious Austin Tex-Mex and tacos, leave them bee (sorry, couldn’t help it).

In most cases they can be left alone. They’re most likely to be seen over the summer and early fall, then they will be fewer in number outside of the growing seasons.

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