German roach activity around Austin has seen an uptick lately. Here is some more information about these pests:

  • Unlike American roaches (aka tree roaches, waterbugs, palmetto bugs, “big roaches) the German roach doesn’t live outside and wander in. It’s an indoor roach and is most often found in multi-resident communities like apartments, duplexes, quads, etc. They can get into voids and wall spaces and move throughout. They also come in by being brought in with incoming and outgoing residents, crates, deliveries and used appliances or furniture.
  • German roaches are smaller than the tree roach. They are typically lighter colored, get to be only about 1″ long at most and have two distinctive dark spots on the back of their head that trail down the back. They multiply quickly and in great numbers once inside, and are typically seen in kitchens around sinks, dishwashers and in drawer and cabinets.
  • They hide and breed in small spaces such as behind cabinets, cracks and crevices in and around appliances, where gaps have opened in walls or joints and in wall voids.

If you suspect German roaches, give us a call at (512) 443-0123 to help identify them, and we can provide a free quote over the phone. You can also send in a request through our website pest quote form.