Everyone get tired of mosquitoes following them around in the yard!   The Asian tiger and Culex mosquito are the two most common mosquitoes found in Texas. The Asian Tiger mosquito is more of a bother because it bites throughout the entire day. We have several solutions to reduce mosquitoes on a different blog, so please check that out.
We offer a very safe mosquito service.  It is our opinion that the services that give lengthy guarantees are much more toxic than we consider advisable.  In addition to the toxicity to people and the environment, the resistant mosquitoes will multiply leading to the need for yet another toxic chemical to be sprayed.
We use a product called Mosquito Barrier. It is 99% garlic juice and is sprayed in the yard in order to help control the adult mosquitoes that are already present as well as stopping their life cycle at the larvae stage.  It is totally natural and there is no potential harm to humans or long term disruption of insect life.
The product advises spraying every three weeks; we agree with this unless the first application proves to be effective for a longer period of time, which has happened!