As it gets colder in Austin many homeowners move their plants inside. It’s good for the plants, but you may see more gnats inside as a result!

Fungus gnats are also called soil gnats. The larvae eat soil roots and fungi in the soil.

Here are a few ways to get rid of them:

  • Let the soil dry out if possible. This will kill off the larvae and discourage adults from laying new eggs.
  • Use water and mild soap like Castille soap mixture and spray the top of the soil. Use just a few drops for several cups of water. Wait a few more days and spray again.
  • Soil gnats lay eggs in just the top inch or so of soil. Instead of filling the pot completely with soil, replace the top part with small compact rocks. This will create a drier habitat and reduces what they feed on. Without that there will be fewer eggs put in the soil.

To prevent a reoccurrence of them, remember to not overwater your soil or set up a system to water from the bottom using a dish or container large enough to hold the planter.