As Autumn arrives here in Austin, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce insect activity in and around your home. In this article we’ll give you some pest prevention tips regarding roaches.

The predominant roach in Austin homes is the American roach. Some call it a tree roach, a palmetto bug or a water bug (or just “a big nasty roach”). These are large roaches that can grow up to two inches long. They live outside, unlike German roaches, but will come inside looking for food or water or to escape extreme temperatures.

They are scavenger bugs and will eat just about anything. So having them in your home doesn’t mean you have a dirty home, though removing food scraps, etc. will help.

Since they are hunting for food and water, one great way to reduce the likelihood of them finding the inside of your house is to reduce conditions outside your home that help them to live and multiply. With fewer roaches near your home living and breeding, it stands to reason your house will see fewer of them wandering in!

Here are some steps as fall approaches that will reduce the number of roaches near your home:

  • Leaves dropping off front and backyard trees tend to accumulate quickly. Rake them up before they turn into piles all season long and pay particular attention to wooden deck areas where leaves accumulate underneath. Leaf piles provide cover and protection, and retain moisture and a consistent temperature where roaches thrive.
  • Trim tree limbs that are touching the house. They have the name “tree roaches” for a reason as they love oak trees (and others) and make nesting places for food and safety. Removing any limbs that touch your roof or walls will help keep them from wandering over to your home.
  • Declutter. Roaches like small, tight spaces for safety. Remove piles of cardboard, areas of brick or rock, limbs or other debris piled up to reduce hiding spaces for roaches and other bugs.
  • Seal up gaps around windows, doorways and utility or HVAC lines. Visible gaps mean roaches have an entry point. While you can’t “bug proof” a home by sealing it up completely you can make it more difficult for them to find their way in.

Prevention goes a long way to stopping roaches from getting inside your house. These steps combined with a pet and people friendly pest control service will mean fewer roaches every year.

If you’re seeing large roaches around your Austin-area house, give us a call at (512) 443-0123 or fill out our website form for a fast, free pest quote.