The main difference between our one-time service and that of others is that we offer a free return within 3 months on almost any pest control service that we do unless the service is limited by the consumer (such as only treating outside for roaches instead of in and out, or only treating inside).  Most warranties for one-time service are for one month…that is not really long enough to make sure the pest is really gone.  As long as we can do a full insect service, we will offer some kind of warranty.  There are exceptions;  we can’t guarantee that wasps won’t return and build a nest somewhere.  We also can’t guarantee that rodents won’t gnaw through an entry into your house – that is very rare, but it is possible.  Every situation is different, but generally we find that a thorough one time service, especially if done during pest season, lasts at least a year, often longer.facebook dogOur Mascot!!