Spider pest control Halloween themeIt’s Halloween pretty soon. Let’s talk spiders!

Unless they are part of your Halloween decorations, you probably don’t want them in your home!

That said, most spiders are actually harmless. There are only a couple of types of spiders to be concerned with that can be found around Austin, especially out towards the country or more rural areas.

Brown Recluse Spider

The first is the brown recluse. It’s named recluse for a reason, which is a good thing! The brown recluse isn’t aggressive and doesn’t like people or activity much, preferring to remain hidden and then hunt at night for food. But it can end up around people and can even bite when threatened. This is self defense when someone accidentally gets near one or touches one.

The spiders are golden brown in color and have a dark brown to black fiddle-shaped pattern on the head region. Even more distinct than its famous fiddle shape are its six eyes arranged in pairs, with one pair in front and a pair on either side of the head.

Brown recluse venom can cause local or systemic reactions. These spiders can be found in basements and garages of houses and sometimes hiding between boards, boxes, and old towels and clothes in dark, undisturbed areas. Keeping home areas uncluttered will help reduce those hiding spaces.

If bitten, Texas Health and Human Services recommends an ice pack be applied to alleviate pain and swelling in the bite area. Home first aid is of limited help so contact the Texas Poison Center Network at 1-800-POISON-1 (1-800-222-1222) or contact your family physician for information about treatment.

Black Widow Spider

The other spider to be aware of is the Black Widow. It is also reclusive but can be found hiding in piles of wood, boxes, outdoor toilets, weep holes of houses, meter and electric boxes, under eaves, and around other undisturbed areas.

The female black widow is dark black with a reddish or yellowish hourglass shape on the underside. Male spiders are smaller, brown and nondescript. The venom of the black widow is a neurotoxin and can lead to severe systemic reactions and in rare cases, death. The most severe reactions occur in children and older adults.

They do not bite unless threatened and most bites occur when someone unknowingly disturbs or presses on them such as moving old items or reaching into boxes, woodpiles, etc. It’s a good idea to always wear gloves when moving old or cluttered items.

Also keeping your home and immediately adjacent area neat and free of debris and piles of stone, brick, wood, etc. will reduce hiding spots for the brown recluse, black widow and many other insects and pests.

Spider Pest Control

Spiders are tougher pests in general to treat because they do not groom themselves like insects. Roaches, ants and other bugs will actually put their feet or legs into their mouth as part of their cleaning process. So if they walk through pest control products they will actually consume them.

Spiders do not do this. As well, their legs are longer and typically keep their bodies further off the ground away from spray or dust residue on the ground.

So spider elimination is often accomplished through a combination of tactics and some indirect methods. They can be sprayed directly of course, but this is not always reliable since they are often hidden or hard to reach.

However, exterminating other insects helps reduce spiders because it takes away their source of food. Spiders prey on other insects, but without those nearby they are likely to move to other areas.

Another helpful action is removing webs when you see them inside your home or around windows. This discourages them from taking up residence.

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