Diatomaceous EarthDiatomaceous Earth is one of the original organic pest control products. It is produced from a soft rock that when crumbled becomes a very fine dust. It can then be easily applied to help control ants, roaches, fleas and other pests, particularly outside. Inside, diatomaceous earth (or DE) is not recommended as it has been known to clog vacuum cleaners.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Insects?

DE is composed of the fossilized remains of “diatoms” — basically dried up algae remains. The resultant rock and powder acts as a mechanical, rather than chemical, method of pest control.

These tiny fossils that compose the DE dust are a one-two punch to the insect. As the pest crawls through the fine layer of dust it scratches and absorbs moisture from the waxy outer coating of the pest. So when a flea, ant, roach or other bug goes through the powder or has it applied to them, it starts to dehydrate the bug and kill it.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe For People and Pets?

Luckily, you and I and our furry friends do not have waxy skeletons and are too large to be scratched and dehydrated by DE. However do make sure you always use food grade and NOT pool grade DE. Food grade is the safest one to use for insects when applying around a structure and gardens, for example.

Inhaling DE dust may irritate the lungs if a lot is inhaled, so you can wear a mask when applying it if you are sensitive to that or have respiratory issues.

It is also possible to avoid dust applications altogether such as when using it in dry, windy conditions or when applying it to large areas. You can make a DE slurry by mixing it with water at a ratio of about ½ cup DE (8 tablespoons) to 2 cups of water. It can then be applied with a handheld gallon sprayer. Just make sure to shake it often to keep the DE from settling.

Diatomaceous Earth for Under Homes

DE is a great dust for under homes that are built on pier and beam foundations. A variety of crawling insects can be under a home and by applying a thorough dusting under the house the dry DE will provide a long-lasting barrier to those bugs entering your house.

Our general pest control service always includes dusting under a home that is built on a pier and beam.

Safe Pest Control Services

Aztec Organic Pest Service has proudly used high-quality, safe Diatomaceous Earth as one of our core pest control products for years. Our customers appreciate our thorough treatments that combine low-toxicity products with years of experience to attain superior results.

Call us at (512) 443-0123 for a fast, free pest control quote or fill out our online form. Let us know what bugs you are seeing. As always, we do not force contracts or require you to hire us when bugs are not active just to keep our technicians busy. As a result, our long-lasting treatments are not only safer for you and the environment but are often much more cost-effective.