Brown ratThere are two primary methods to handle rats: extermination or trapping.

We use the extermination method because it is faster, more cost-efficient and more reliable in helping homeowners get rid of their rat or mouse problem.

Ours is a two-part process:

  1. Our technician arrives on site and we inspect and place bait as needed. Our technician also does a house inspection to find any areas 1/4 inch or larger that need to be closed up. The bait we use is placed safely out of reach of any animals, or inside tamper-proof bait stations, so that non-target animals are not at risk.
  2. We let the bait work for a couple of weeks and either come back and re-bait as needed (rarely the case) or return and close up the entry holes. There are some houses that can’t be sealed, such as very old houses with too many structural issues. But the vast majority of residences are able to be closed up.

At this point your home is rat or rodent free AND it is sealed up to help prevent future issues!

Not only are we thorough and effective, but our rodent services are much cheaper than other companies — based on our customers’ telling us their first-hand experience with others’ rodent bids.

So give us a call for a free estimate on our rat and mouse extermination services.

Call 512-443-0123 or fill out our website form for a rat extermination quote.