Rodents like rats and mice can be seen around Austin in many neighborhoods. They are a “part of nature” and with as much undeveloped areas in and around Austin they can bescurrying around neighborhoods and sometimes be found under decks or near sheds.

From there the rodents may make their way into the home, but other times they just exist and don’t pose any major threat.

But if you are concerned with rodent activity, even if you haven’t heard anything in your attic or walls, we can come out and do a rodent inspection to confirm the presence of rodent activity inside your home, handle it if needed and — most importantly — close up the holes around your structure that allowed the rodents inside.

We can treat for rodents in your yard or around other buildings on your property as well using tamper-proof bait boxes that only allow rodents to crawl inside to get the bait, not other animals or pets.

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