Contrac Blox rodent bait
Using rodent bait is more reliable and less expensive than trapping.
As it begins to cool in Austin, we get an increase in calls from homeowners who are hearing things that go bump in the night. It’s not a sign that Halloween is lasting longer this year, but it may mean that rodents have made their way into the home.

We do a thorough rodent inspection and use a process of baiting and sealing. We’ll set up bait in the places where rats will find and consume it. We use Contrac Blox because it always works, unlike trapping, and is less expensive compared to trapping.

Trapping requires multiple visits and may not achieve 100% eradication, especially when large numbers of rodents are present. Contrac Blox has a low chance of primary & secondary poisoning and is less toxic to non-target animals than other baits. Rodents do not have to eat much of the bait and then it is passed quickly through their system. The small amount of active ingredient in the liver of the rodent would require non target animals to eat many entire carcasses to get to toxic levels. In the unlikely event that a pet is poisoned the antidote is Vitamin K, which all emergency vets have on hand. There is an organic rodent bait but we do not use it as there is no antidote.

After baiting, we close any holes 1/4″ or larger. This exclusion must be done after we know that all of the rodents are out of the home. In most situations this can be done two weeks after the initial bait application.

The job is complete, and we don’t push or require any ongoing contracts.

If you have a need for rodent treatment or any questions about our rodent services, you can contact us at 512-443-0123 for a quote or fill out our online form.