Sugar ants kitchenSmall ants in the kitchen are a common scene when the weather warms up in Austin. These are most often “sugar ants” or little black ants that can be found on countertops, heading towards a sink for water or for small crumbs or sweets left on counters or in pantries. Tip: Clean up any spills and bag up any sweets like honey before treating yourself or even having professional pest control done. It can make a big difference.

The good news is that these ants aren’t dangerous and don’t bite or sting, but they can be a nuisance! Quite often they will be gone later in the year, but you probably don’t want these small ants in your home the whole summer.

Luckily they are not too difficult to treat, and there are even products you can buy online or at local stores that are pretty effective. One is called “Terro” which is a liquid ant bait that you place on a counter or shelf. The bait is made from boric acid and sugar and water, and the small ants will usually find it and return to their colony and in a few days your ant issue should be reduced greatly if not completely handled.

If the small ant issue is extensive or you just want professional services, we offer a small ant treatment that combines an external perimeter spray along with spot treatment indoors as needed, and our own professional baits when necessary. This treatment comes with a free return treatment within three months (but after four weeks for best results).

The small black ants are rarely active or venture inside beyond the timeframe of about April through October, so doing year-long treatments is unnecessary. We do not require any pest control contracts, so you are only paying for the pests you have, not the ones you “might get.”

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