Some may think small roaches are the “worse” type of roach, and this is probably because they may think a small roach is always a German roach. They can be, but also if you see small roaches around your home this could be a juvenile roach of some other type, such as an American roach.

When fully grown, German roaches are definitely smaller than American roaches. They’re about 3/4 of an inch compared to American or “tree” roaches which can be 1 to 1.5 inches although seem longer with antennae included – up to 3 inches then.

German roaches are typically lighter brown and have two dark spots behind the head trailing backwards. They gather particularly in kitchens, sometimes bathrooms, but more to the point they are the type of roach that can “take over” an entire space if left untreated.

American and other types of roaches don’t typically infest a home unless there is a situation such as a water leak or other constant source of food/water for them.

If you are not sure the type of roach you are seeing, give us a call and we can help to identify it.

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