Update Jan 20, 2021: This post has been edited to note the manufacturer’s updated advertising claims, our own experience with the product as well as a 2020 lawsuit against the manufacturer.

The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator is advertised as a long-lasting, 30 day continuous mosquito control product. Spartan Mosquito Eradicators do not require batteries or electricity, just water. Fill the tube with water and hang a couple at the perimeter of the area in need of eradication. The active ingredients are claimed to be attractive to mosquitoes and will kill them. The only maintenance is keeping the water at the correct level & replacing them every 3 months 30 days.

We will be trying these out this spring and are excited to see the results!

UPDATE: We tried Spartan Mosquito Eradicators on the property in 2020. We put out two sticks on a 1/5 acre lot as described in early summer. After three months the tubes were replaced.

Results seemed to indicate a reduction in mosquitos (based solely on the “are we getting bit” test), however there were other factors that may have affected results. We did no other mosquito treatments on the property, but neighboring properties (very close) did spray regularly for mosquitos on their land using large foggers and backpack sprayers. They did not do this in previous years.

As a result, we can not state with any certainty that the tubes did anything to reduce mosquito population nor state they didn’t.

Ultimately, mosquito control by using preventive measures is the best first step, including:

– removing or draining areas of high moisture as their breeding sites such as grass piles, leaves, mulch and open containers that may collect rainwater (tires, buckets, etc.).
– reducing heavy vegetation such as bamboo areas in your yard.
– mow grass and tall weeds regularly.

If water areas can’t be drained or removed, using mosquito dunks is a good non-toxic way to kill mosquito larvae. Here is more information regarding those and other mosquito treatments.

As a note, as of May 2020 Spartan Mosquito Eradicators has a class-action lawsuit against them for false marketing. We’ll monitor and update this article as things develop.