Springtime means many insects and pests get active and start multiplying and could become a nuisance around homes.

If you start seeing bugs around, just remember that it may not mean you have an infestation. You could simply be seeing a few swarmers. Swarmers are pests, particularly ants, that set flight to look for new homes and new colonies to create. As the name suggests they have wings and differ in appearance from the usual crawling pests.

Seeing a few swarmers here or there doesn’t mean they’ve take over your yard or home. However, seeing workers crawling around inside your home likely means you have an issue and need treatment.

If you aren’t sure if what you’re seeing requires a pest control service, give us a call. We never push contracts, monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly treatments. If you’re getting a thorough and professional pest control service, you don’t need treatment ever two or three months!

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