Ant Termite comparisonAs winter fades, termites begin to disperse and start new colonies. What you may see around your house in early spring are termite “swarmers.” These are about 3/8″ long termites with clear wings. They go out looking for new colony sites near wood that is in contact with the soil.

These swarming termites can be mistaken for ant swarmers, but they have a few notable differences in appearance. The middle part of an ant is narrower compared to the termite. Another difference is the antennae on ants have joints or elbows. Termite antennae are straight. Ant wings have varied sizes and shapes and few veins while termite wings are similar in size, shape and patter and have many small veins.

The Texas A&M Agrilife extension publishes a great information sheet on subterranean termites, which is typically what is seen around the Austin area.

If you aren’t sure if you are seeing ant or termite activity, give us a call at 512-443-0123. We provide a low-cost termite inspection service and offer one of the lowest-toxicity termite treatment plans available. So you’ll rest assured knowing if you have a problem or not, and if you do need service that the treatment will not harm you, your pets or even beneficial insects around your home!