Termites AustinOne of a homeowner’s worst nightmares is their house being infested with termites, and for good reason. These wood eating insects cause up to $5 billion in yearly home damage in the U.S. alone.

Though many people think they are a type of ant, they are not. Researchers now think they were once part of the cockroach family long ago — as if you needed another reason to dislike them.

Keep in mind that termites are not all bad. They play an important role in decomposing and breaking down wood and vegetation. The problem of course is when that wood is part of your home.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Though not all signs of termites are immediately visible, there are some indications homeowners can use to help catch and prevent serious damage from termites on their property:

  • Mud tubes are used by many termites to reach a food source and as protection as they travel. These can be seen on the inside or outside of walls as well as possibly in cracks in the structure or cement.
  • Bubbling paint that may look like water damage.
  • Walls and wood in or on the the home that sounds hollow when tapped.
  • Small piles of feces that resembles sawdust near a nest (not to be confused with carpenter or acrobat ant debris).
  • Discarded wings near doors or on windowsills which can indicate swarmers are in the home.

Safe Termite Treatments In Austin

After an inspection and proposed treatment plan, we will utilize a very low-toxicity termite treatment called “Altriset.” There is no pure organic pest control method legally registered for professional termite control, so this is an extremely safe alternative. It’s the first termiticide that the Environmental Protection Agency waived the signal word (“caution”, “warning” or “danger”) requirement for the label. It’s toxicity is so low that the technician is not even required to use special safety equipment during the course of application. It is targeted specifically for termites and has practically no impact on beneficial organisms such as earthworms and honey bees.

If you think you may have a termite issue, we provide on-site termite inspections and treatment bids. Call us at (512) 443-0123 or use our easy online termite quote form for safe and environmentally friendly termite treatment.