Texas Leaf Cutter Ant
Leaf cutter ants can damage fruit trees and ornamental vegetation quickly. They can be very difficult to handle. These ants have very large colonies that can spread up to 100 ft long under the ground. They use the leaves they bring back to the colony as a fungus farm to feed the colony. For this reason baits tend to be ineffective. A special formulation of hydramethylnon, sold under the trade name Amdro Ant Block, is currently the only widely available bait product labeled for control of leaf cutting ants.  This product is available to consumers at places like Home Depot/Lowes. It can be used on most sites such as lawns, landscaped areas, golf courses, ornamental gardens, and other non-cropland areas such as roadsides, commercial grounds, etc.  Apply bait according to label directions while ants are foraging. Ant activity in the treated colony will decline over a 4 to 6 week period. However, about half the time activity will return in 4 to 6 months, requiring another treatment.