Fire ant baits are extremely low in toxicity and make it easy to treat large areas effectively. Worker ants take the bait back to the colony, where it is shared with the queen which then either dies or becomes infertile. Baits are slow acting and require weeks to months to achieve 80% to 90% control. We consider them to be an environmentally friendly way of managing a fire ant population.

If you are interested in baiting for fire ants, here are some tips for success.

1. Always follow directions on the label of the fire ant bait
2. Use a fresh bait from an unopened container
3. For best results apply bait with a hand-held or walk behind spreader
4. Apply the bait when the ground and grass are dry and no rain is expected for the next 24 to 48 hours.
5. The application should be done when worker ants are actively foraging, usually in late afternoon or in the evening. Place some bait near the ants or ant mound & check back in 10 minutes or so. If they seem interested, proceed with the bait application. If not, try again the next day.
6. Apply the baits once or twice a year. Baits can be applied anytime when it is warm. Late April/May and again in late September/October are typically good times for the Central Texas area. Ants NEED to be present to pick up the bait or there is no point in applying it.

Mounds are more likely to be seen after rainfall
Mounds are more likely to be seen after rainfall