Texas paper waspsWasps and hornets seem to be particularly bad this year, meaning they are showing up in places people don’t want them, like right near a front door or garage!

Despite that “too close for comfort” sensation, most wasps and hornets are not a danger to people. In fact, they are predators of spiders, so they can help reduce those around your home. (Side note: a lot of spiders around your home means you may have a lot of other pests that spiders prey on. So more pests can mean more spiders can mean more wasps. Long story short, if you want less of any of those, our general pest control service can help!)

But back to wasps and hornets. They typically don’t attack unless threatened. Social paper wasps can sting out of defense. Therefore when they or their nest is threatened they can swoop down and attack, though this is really not that common.

The more likely danger is stumbling across a nest in an abandoned area such as an unused shack, neglected home, old shed, etc. Always be careful when entering such a location because wasps may have taken root and you’re a sudden intruder to their home.

Other pests like mud daubers are even less aggressive. These are solitary wasps and don’t make big nests. They make those small mud structures often seen in garages or up under eaves during the summer. They rarely if ever need to be treated.

But if you have wasps or yellow jackets around your home and the nest is near an entrance or otherwise posing a potential danger, we can help.

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