Exterminators are hit with a few jokes from customers each pest season, the most common being a request to take care of an unwanted and unexpected “pest” like a sulky teenager or a loud, poorly trained dog that eats slippers and jumps on guests.

Silly stuff. Except, maybe those actually are pests?

The word pest simply means “a destructive insect or other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc. or that can be a nuisance to humans.” It comes from the Latin word for “plague” — pestis. It arrived with the Bubonic Plague, which killed millions during the Middle Ages, and was a bacterial disease that was transmitted by fleas.

So, pest just means something that severely disrupts life and can cause damage to people…

Enter the teenager?

Regardless of the ethics of treating a rowdy teen with pest control products, it brings up the question of what really is a pest, outside of that dictionary definition?

And all jokes aside, it clearly is a matter of opinion in many cases. While most would agree fleas or roaches are pests inside the home, when it comes to spiders or bees there’s far less consensus.

Regardless of your view of what is or isn’t a pest, our specialty is getting rid of those things in and near your home that you don’t want.

But unlike pretty much every other pest control company in Austin, we do not push contracts or urge you to have multiple treatments every two, three or four months. In fact, the majority of our customers call us just once a year!

Most of our treatments come with at least one free treatment within their warranty period. Our technicians are thorough, precise and have been working here for years with consistently excellent results. The least tenured technician has been here nearly 5 years, and the longest for well over 20 years!

The result is a professional removal of roaches, ants, millipedes, scorpions, rats, wasps and any number of pest. We use less pest control products around your home. This, along with the safer products that we utilize, means a safer, healthier home environment. And that’s great for everyone involved, even your sarcastic teen!

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