Wondering what that bug is in your bathroom, living room, kitchen or patio? If you didn’t already stomp it into the next dimension, we can help.

We often get calls from Austin residents with vague descriptions of bugs. Some favorite terms used to describe them include “gross”, “ewww” and “what-the-heck-is-this-thing??”. And while interesting, none of those words or sounds help us identify the pest in order to determine if it’s something you need treated.

The solution for any of those mystery bugs inhabiting Central Texas homes is simple. Grab your cell phone and snap a photo. Some bugs are not going to stand still and smile for the camera, and that’s fine.

Ant close up
Say Cheese!
See if you can find a dead one, or even the signs or evidence of something you think may be bug related. Keep in mind that most bugs are more recognizable by looking down on their backs (rather than belly up). Now, open up that camera app.

Be sure to focus on the bug and fill the camera view with it as large as possible. Sometimes pinching and zooming in works, but be sure to focus on the bug. Zooming too much and it may get blurry again.

Bottom line if it looks clear on your screen afterwards, it will look clear to us and we can probably help identify it.

If it looks like a 1970s Polaroid snapshot of Bigfoot in the woods, send it over to the National Enquirer.

But, if you were able to get a relatively in focus image of the little bugger, send it to us at aztecpest (at) gmail.com. During our peak busy season in the summer we get lots of calls but if we can we’ll try to identify it for you. It helps us as well when sending out a technician to know exactly what it is you need treated.