Unclean house and bugs
Yes, it looks like your kids should clean their rooms, but even clean homes can have bugs.
Austin homeowners sometimes call us and say “I have bugs, but it doesn’t make sense because we’re really clean,” to which we point out “Ok, but what about that bag of potato chips you left on the counter last night?”

Just kidding. We don’t judge.

While we do say that cleanliness is important (thanks, Mom!), we also let people know that you can have a spotless home without even a crumb lying around and still get bugs.

But why?

Quite a few bugs are omnivores and, more relevant to the story, scavengers. So they are always scouring around for food. Roaches, for example, will eat anything. No, really — anything.

Their diet, if you can call it that, includes sweets, meats, grease, vegetables, hair (!) and even books. And you thought you were a voracious reader!

So if you truly want to remove things that pests may nibble on, remove all organic matter from your home. Living in a big plastic bubble probably sounded like fun when you were a kid, so now’s your chance!

Barring that, or moving to Iceland, if you keep a clean home and especially kitchen, there IS less likelihood for bugs to set up shop and live it up at your expense.

However, even then roaches can go weeks without food. Clean house or no clean house, they can hang out and stick around with just some drops of water to keep them happy.

So bottom line — don’t stress about how clean or not your home is as “the reason” you have bugs. While your mother may be disappointed, we won’t be. Bugs are here to stay, especially in Austin where the warm and rainier-than-usual spring and summer have caused a minor explosion in insects.

So pick up where you can, but give us a call for any uninvited guests that linger after that. We can take care of everything from roaches to ants to scorpions to mosquitoes and do so with low-toxicity treatments that are safe for you, your family and pets.

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