As Austin temperatures rise, we get more calls about ants crawling on people’s homes. These are typically wood boring ants such as carpenter ants or acrobat ants. These ants do not eat wood like termites do, so structural damage is usually minimal, but they can be tough to deal with if left untreated. If left alone for too long, they can show up inside the home.

Swarming Wood Ants

Are you seeing ants with wings around on or around your home? Winged carpenter ants swarm in the spring and fall, so it is common to see quite a few show up out of nowhere. This could mean that you have wood ants nesting in or near the house.

Carpenter and Wood Ant Prevention

Trimming tree limbs that touch the home and keeping bushes or brush off the house can cut down the chances of ants moving into your home in the first place. Wood ants and carpenter ants prefer moist wood because it is easier to tunnel into, so inspecting or repairing your home for water damaged wood and removing moisture issues like poor drainage or leaks can help prevent a wood ant infestation.

Carpenter Ant Treatment in Austin

Wood ant debrisAztec Organic Pest Service provides effective treatment for both carpenter and acrobat ants. We do a full property inspection. We then determine the best treatment method. Usually this involves treating the entire perimeter of your home with a non-repellent spray that is safe for both people and pets. It may also include spraying a nearby fence, tree or power line that leads to the home, if those are spotted as avenues for the pests.

A non-repellent spray is important because you don’t want ants to detect the insecticide and avoid it. They walk across a non-repellent spray, pick it up and transfer it to other ants that they touch in the colony. This transfer effect helps wipe out many more ants than just the ones seen. We also may apply an attractive ant bait which they take back to the colony to eradicate the issue.

You can call us for an instant quote on carpenter ant, acrobat ant and wood ant treatment by calling 512-443-0123 or sending us an email request through our contact form.

Shown here is an image of a window sill with acrobat ants and the debris associated with them. These piles often resemble sawdust and can be found near or under window sills, ceiling fans, light fixtures or overhead wood beams.