We’ve had a few calls from customers about “worms” in their garage. In some cases these truly are worms, such as millipedes. But in a couple of situations it turns out they were seeing maggots! Ick.

As gross as these are it’s not typically a major issue of concern. Flies are naturally attracted to decaying organic matter. Some types of flies are attracted to food scraps and waste, while others survive from dead rodents or animals. Either type could be found in garages. Warm, moist areas are havens as well for this type of organic decay and we’ve seen lots of flies near compost bins, for example.

So as a first step if you are seeing flies or maggots in a garage or near your home, look for that organic matter:

  • Clean out the garage and especially inspect trash cans and other waste receptacles.
  • Empty them regularly, and hose them out and wash them with bleach.
  • If you have to keep garbage cans in the garage, be sure they have tight fitting lids and are always kept closed.
  • Search around the garage for a possible dead animal, even a small mouse can be a source of hundreds of flies. Smell is obviously a helpful factor. It could be something stuck in a wall or cavity of the garage. If you have holes in the wall or sheetrock check those areas and then get them sealed.

If you have rodent issues, we can help. We provide a rodent inspection service and treatment that can include, in most cases, closing up access points in your home which will help prevent rats or mice from getting into your walls or attic space.

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